Features & Specifications

Creative Specs & Design Notes

  • Create in RGB color mode. Preferred color profile is sRGB.
  • Always export at maximum quality. File size should not be below 40kb.
  • Save all artwork as a .JPG or .PNG file format at 72ppi.
  • When creating black, the values should be R-0 G-0 B-0.
  • Advertisers can reach over 90% of Lamar screens with two specs: 1400x400 & 840x400
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How often should advertisers change creative?

For most clients, we typically recommend refreshing creative every 3 months to stay top of mind in a market. Even something as simple as a new background color can really make an ad stand out to a passerby

Can QR Codes be used on Lamar DOOH?

QR codes may not be displayed on billboards but are acceptable for transit advertising or street-level media when not intended to be read by drivers

Digital Billboard Sizes / Width × Height

Digital Bulletin

1400px × 400px

Download PDF

Digital Poster

840px × 400px

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Digital Square

600px × 600px

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Digital Quarter

1600px × 400px

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More Design Tips

Have An Objective

Name recognition, product or service promotion, special announcement, directional. Make sure your creative has a singular focus!

Push Readability

Use contrasting colors. The stronger the contrast between background color and copy, the easier it is to read at a distance. Remember, strong contrast equals better readability.

  • Simple fonts
  • Large text
  • Contrasting colors

Dynamic Content

From sports scores, weather, and traffic to promotional offers, directions to a store, and localized imagery, dynamic creative unlocks personalization at scale for marketers. 

What dynamic capabilities are available through Lamar programmatic?

  • Locations
  • Live scores
  • Conditional (weather)
Restrictions and Sensitive Copy

Restrictions are applied on a screen-by-screen basis in compliance with location and legal guidelines. Creatives that require additional review include political, cannabis, and sensitive/sexual.

Restrictions and Sensitive Copy

Copy Acceptance Policy

Restrictions and Sensitive Copy


Restrictions and Sensitive Copy