Features & Specifications

General Design Notes

  • Create in RGB color mode. Preferred color profile is sRGB.
  • Always export at maximum quality. File size should not be below 40kb.
  • Save all artwork as a .JPG or .PNG file format at 72ppi.
  • When creating black, the values should be R-0 G-0 B-0.
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  • Avoid white backgrounds when possible. In LED technology, white is a mixture of color rather than an absence of it and has the tendency to look subdued. LED white doesn’t carry the same pop or vibrancy that other colors do.
  • Watch your font sizes. Readable text should be at least 15" in height.
  • Choose graphic elements with a strong focal point. Busy photos do not translate well.
  • Time your color scheme. Rich, bold background colors work better during the day, while pastel colors are more vibrant at night.

Digital Billboard Sizes / Width × Height

Digital Bulletin

1400px × 400px

Download PDF

Digital Poster

840px × 400px

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Digital Square

600px × 600px

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Digital Quarter

1600px × 400px

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Digital Third

1200px × 400px

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Digital Median

1000px × 400px

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Digital Miscellaneous

1000px × 625px

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More Design Tips

Have An Objective

Name recognition, product or service promotion, special announcement, directional. Make sure your creative has a singular focus!

Push Readability

Use contrasting colors. The stronger the contrast between background color and copy, the easier it is to read at a distance. Remember, strong contrast equals better readability.

  • Simple fonts
  • Large text
  • Contrasting colors