What's on Trend with Lamar Programmatic | 2023

As Lamar continues to expand its digital footprint across new markets and screen types, Programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) is enabling the company to keep up with increasing demand from brands eager to take advantage of the technology. By leveraging programmatic, brands can use data-driven creative to promote relevant messages directed specifically to intended audiences, helping them reach KPIs. In this blog, we explore the creative, omnichannel, and targeting trends to help advertisers better understand how they can deploy their spend most effectively in their use of pDOOH.

Creative Trends 

Strong creative can drive brand awareness, lift sales, and drive future purchasing consideration. According to Yahoo!, 83% of surveyed shoppers who noticed a brand or product advertised via DOOH said they would likely consider buying it in the future. Given that OOH is such a visual medium, it is important for brands to create intriguing and meaningful creative and adopt hyperlocal messaging, dynamic elements, and dayparting to break through the media clutter.

Hyperlocal creative personalizes the advertiser’s message and speaks directly to the specific market and intended audience. This form of targeting leverages context and location to increase local foot traffic and drive sales.

Dynamic capabilities allow advertisers to increase reach by changing elements of the creative in a moment’s notice with limited creative assets. Whether displaying a live game score, countdown clock, or nearest store location, dynamic elements can make campaigns more relevant to target audiences. 

Lamar’s pDOOH capabilities allow advertisers to flexibly purchase ads in real time, which is beneficial for targeting purposes. Through daypart targeting, brands can share more meaningful messages with consumers based on the time of day or day of the week. For example, a drive-through restaurant can promote breakfast items in the morning and lunch specials during the middle of the day, accompanied in each case by relevant messaging about deals and location-specific elements, driving traffic to the nearest restaurant location and lifting sales. 

Omnichannel Trend

With an omnichannel approach, advertisers can reach consumers with digital ads at key touch points throughout their day, rather than using only one media type. OOH is the perfect way to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. A single ad can target the same audience, amplifying the message across channels and keeping the message top-of-mind throughout the consumer's daily journey. An omnichannel strategy that includes pDOOH creates efficiencies and alignment by combining the one-to-many medium that is OOH with one-to-one channels, further driving increased brand awareness, sales, and foot traffic.

Targeting Trends

Lamar’s DOOH network reaches more than 170 DMAs and includes over 4,300 screens. Advertisers can decide where and how they are going to target audiences using a wide variety of different types of OOH inventory. No matter what type of inventory is used, ensuring that an advertising message is contextually relevant to the location is critical for campaign success. Geo-targeting can further enhance campaign effectiveness by promoting the brand with the radius of an upcoming event or store location. Finally, the flexibility of programmatic allows brands to display creative based on location, time, and weather and promote messaging tailored to the consumer’s real time environment. 

By considering these trends and using a variety of elements, advertisers can get the best results from their programmatic campaigns. Contact Lamar@programmatic.com if you have any questions or would like to start advertising your campaign today!