Strategically Focused on Creative with Tripp Westbrook | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In Season 2 Episode 6, Digital and Dirt host, Ian Dallimore, speaks with Firehouse, President & CCO, Tripp Westbrook. Tripp joined Firehouse in 2007 and ultimately purchased the Dallas creative agency in 2019.

In this episode, Tripp explains how his boutique creative shop used the pandemic to refocus on campaign strategy and creative. He also explains his decision to keep Firehouse as a small, focused agency. The boutique nature of Firehouse has allowed the agency to provide a higher level of engagement and provide clients with a 3rd party perspective around campaign ideas.

In discussing Firehouse’s creative process, Tripp explains how advertising mediums are selected for campaigns. While there is no debating the importance of a great idea, he believes that creating a cohesive and interesting story that can be told across all mediums is of equal importance – and OOH is an important part of that media mix.

Finally, Tripp and Ian discuss the importance of educating agencies as to the capabilities of OOH as it creates the opportunity to push boundaries, just like Mammoth Mountain did in creating a giant 3D printed beanie on a billboard structure.

In another boundary-pushing campaign discussed in this week’s episode, Tripp explains how Stripes Convenience Stores used digital OOH in a campaign to promote its new tacos, streaming consumer comments from Twitter on DOOH billboards. By marrying the power of DOOH with Twitter, the Stripes campaign was more impactful than had the mediums been used separately.

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