The Importance of DOOH in your Omnichannel Approach | Lamar’s MediaPost Insider Summit Presentation

In February, MediaPost held its first-ever Insider Summit focused on Digital Out of Home (DOOH). More than 70 attendees gathered in a very small and intimate venue in La Jolla, CA for the three-day event. OOH experts shared their knowledge with major brands including Adore Me, BetMGM, Comcast, Lexus, Manscape, Universal Studios, Zelle, and more.

During his speaking slot, Ian Dallimore, VP of Digital Growth at Lamar Advertising, discussed the importance of building omnichannel campaigns using data to reach consumers throughout their daily journey. He spoke about ways to create a path to purchase at key touch-points by displaying relevant creative messages at the right place and right time. In combating the stigmas that DOOH ads cannot be targeted, personalized, and measured, Ian presented successful use cases of demonstrating how advertisers leveraged the power of Programmatic DOOH with impactful and measurable results.

Check out the video below to learn more about integrating DOOH in your omnichannel approach!