Targeting with the Use of Promotional Networks | Lamar’s Programmatic Offerings

Programmatic Digital Out of Home (pDOOH) allows advertisers to target key locations and change creative in a moment’s notice. In addition to data-driven targeting strategies, Lamar offers promotional networks that can more effectively reach consumers within a specific radius of a desired point-of-interest (POI) - such as big events, physical locations, or point-of-purchase destinations. Combining promotional networks with advanced targeting techniques, like hyperlocal messaging, dayparting, or weather triggers, can be the most effective way to reach an intended audience. Below are Lamar’s current pre-built promotional networks Lamar that can be activated with ease.

Retail Network 

Nearly all screens are located within a 5-mile radius of Walmart, Target, and grocery stores due to the wide breadth of coverage Lamar has. We have narrowed this coverage down to 1,402 screens nearest to specifically Walmart and Target locations.

Military Network 

Lamar’s military network includes coverage within 15-, 25-, and 50-miles of major military bases around the country. Check out the map of Lamar’s DOOH coverage and number of screens below! 

Nationwide Airport Coverage 

Brands can utilize roadside screens surrounding airports to reach a variety of different audiences including tourists, visitors, business travelers, etc. The map below shows Lamar’s DOOH coverage within a 15-mile radius of major U.S. airports.

Sports Networks 

Advertisers can leverage Lamar’s programmatic capabilities to allocate pDOOH spend towards key locations near major sports events throughout the year including March Madness, The Masters, MLB, NFL, Collegiate Football, and MLS. Click the link below to see proximity of Lamar’s DOOH inventory to stadiums for each sport and event. 

                                                                    Sports Network Maps

All premade networks can be customized to an advertiser’s need. Targeting parameters, markets, and distances can all be adjusted in a customer PMP. If you have another network/targeting in mind for a specific client, we are happy to look into coverage to fit those needs as well. 

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