The Competitive Advantages of Curiosity with Natrian Maxwell | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In Episode 9 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian Dallimore welcomes Natrian Maxwell, GM, Emerging Channels at The Trade Desk to discuss the concept of “emerging channels” and all things AdTech, innovation, and growth.

Natrian began his career in AdTech at a time when available resources were very different from today. His curiosity personality led him to his current position where he is constantly exploring new advertising channels.

During the discussion, Natrian explains what is considered an “emerging channel” and how The Trade Desk’s focus on cohesive and transparent experiences across all mediums plays a factor in this consideration. He takes a deep look at a few of the emerging channels that have unique capabilities, including gaming and Digital Out of Home (DOOH). Nathan explains that there are several qualities that make DOOH valuable, but more education is needed to highlight its ease of use and innovation.

Discovering emerging channels requires many unique skills beyond curiosity. Natrian and Ian discuss the process of vetting new channels and why being proven wrong is an advantage. Lastly, Natrian emphasizes the benefits of open-mindedness, the importance of learning new things and the competitive value of absorbing information.

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