Put the Pedal to the Metal with Programmatic DOOH | NASCAR Coverage & Case Study

NASCAR is no stranger to advertising. With each car being plastered with sponsorships, it might even beg the question… Is a NASCAR vehicle itself considered OOH (Out of Home) advertising inventory? But despite all the advertisements happening inside of the raceways, there is plenty to be done outside of it.

NASCAR fans are well-known for traveling to races. And what’s the best way to reach those on the road? OOH advertising! 81% of participants in a Nielsen study said they notice OOH ads. Considering Lamar’s vast OOH coverage, it’s safe to assume that most NASCAR-related road trips will include passing - and noticing - several Lamar billboards along the way. Well… maybe more than just noticing.

According to the Nielsen Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Report 2020, 34% of those who viewed a digital billboard visited the advertiser’s website or searched for them online, while 32% visited the advertised store, restaurant, or other business.

In addition to the massive impact of OOH, Lamar Programmatic DOOH (Digital Out of Home) offers an uncustomary way to transact the traditional media type. Lamar Programmatic DOOH is data driven, meaning it uses data to help advertisers display ads when and where their target audience is most likely to be located. Programmatic also provides advertisers with the flexibility to adjust, pause, or stop campaigns at a moment’s notice.

Lamar DOOH alone is an amazing and effective way to reach consumers, but is even more effective in conjunction with other media types. Adding OOH to mobile campaigns can increase reach by up to 340% (Source: Media Behavior Institute). Check out the case study below to learn about the impact Lamar DOOH had on a Busch Beer NASCAR focused campaign when combined with mobile.

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Nothing says NASCAR like RV’s and tailgating. So, when fans hit the roads headed to a race - grocery, alcohol and quick service restaurants should be using Lamar Programmatic DOOH to reach them. If a huge, unavoidable screen isn’t the best way to remind consumers to pick up snacks, beer, or dinner, then what is?

In addition to reaching diehard NASCAR fans as they travel to watch the action, race day reminders can be extremely useful in informing local fans and NASCAR newcomers about an upcoming event, driving even more traffic. As a matter of fact, according to The Harris Poll, 70% of Americans said they become aware of local events from OOH ads.

Determining the best way to reach consumers can seem complicated and confusing, but Lamar’s Programmatic team is here to help! Check out Lamar’s 2021 NASCAR network containing 230+ panels surrounding racetracks. To learn more or to set up a deal please contact us!

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