Meet Our Partners: Sydney Stuenkel, Place Exchange

What’s your current position?  How long have you been in this position? 

My current position is Programmatic Account Manager. I’ve been in this position (and at Place Exchange) for just over one year!

What's the most interesting part of your job?

I would say the opportunity to experience the entire sales process. As an Account Manager, it’s always interesting to be a part of a meeting that turns into an RFP, an RFP that turns into a booked campaign, and an executed campaign that turns into a renewal and ongoing long-term relationship. And as an Account Manager at Place Exchange, I have the unique opportunity to collaborate with a variety of supply and demand partners on planning and activating campaigns, in addition to agencies and internal teams I work with on a daily basis.

Since starting your position, how has your view on out-of-home changed?

My view on out-of-home has certainly expanded since my first day at Place Exchange. For programmatic out-of-home in particular, the variety of screen types that exist, the far-reaching market coverage, and the array of options for campaign execution are fascinating. I now view out-of-home as an essential and impactful part of any advertising campaign, and think it’s safe to say I’ll never look at a billboard in the same way again!

How would you describe yourself in one word?


Currently, what are your top 3 favorite songs?

Sam Evian - “Right Down the Line”

Tennis - “How to Forgive”

Ty Segall - “The Singer”

What is your favorite day of the week and why?

Friday - I love the feeling of wrapping up a week and the promise the weekend ahead!

What is the most interesting campaign you’ve worked on? 

We launched a particularly interesting multi-market campaign earlier this year, the primary goal of which was to observe if the client’s audience data could be used in the programmatic out-of-home planning and buying process to generate measurable lift on response rate. More results to come as the campaign is ongoing, but the initial results are promising!

Tell me about your experience working with Lamar?

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Lamar. We’ve partnered on a variety of top-notch campaigns, and the Lamar programmatic team’s responsiveness, willingness to collaborate, and focus on client experience has directly contributed to the success of each.