Brewing Success: Blending Brand Building and Performance Marketing in the Appliance Industry with Maria Colon | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In Episode 15 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes Maria Colon from De'Longhi Group, a leading player in the appliance industry. Maria discusses the importance of brand building in today's data-driven market. She explains that while creativity and artistic elements are important, marketers need to embrace both brand building and performance marketing to drive results. Maria shares her experience of working at De'Longhi for eight years and highlights their mission of providing world-class coffee, kitchen, and comfort appliances.

The conversation delves into the transition from hardware-focused markets, such as DVD and Blu-ray, to the current software and cloud-based streaming industry. Maria mentions how De'Longhi focuses on blending brand building with performance marketing to create brand love, connection, awareness, and capture demand. She emphasizes the need for marketers to plan strategically in order to achieve success.

Ian also mentions their personal experience with De'Longhi's products, particularly in the coffee segment. They discuss the significance of providing a great overall experience for consumers, not just through targeted ads but also through tangible interactions with the brand. Maria explains that De'Longhi is passionate about facilitating experiences in the home, whether it's making the best smoothie, pasta, meal, or coffee.

The podcast episode explores the concept of better quality inputs and how De'Longhi aims to educate the North American market about better coffee. Maria highlights the importance of using quality ingredients and presenting the best options to oneself and family members. She discusses how De'Longhi's coffee machines can enhance the coffee experience by treating the input better and providing a superior output.

The episode also dives into the challenges and successes of launching a new product category for an established brand. The brand, which started as a radiator company in the early 1900s, has now ventured into the coffee market, specifically focusing on drip coffee machines. They talk about the brand's history and its expansion into North America, emphasizing the importance of understanding the target audience and creating a unique value proposition.

Maria shares how the brand's CEO and founder recognized the opportunity to bring their expertise in espresso to the drip coffee market. They wanted to offer a convenient and high-quality coffee experience with the touch of a button. They aimed to bridge the gap between convenience and quality, making it accessible to North American consumers. Maria explains that the company put a lot of effort into research, planning, and dedicated marketing to introduce this innovative product category.

The conversation also touches on the brand's marketing strategy, which focuses on both brand marketing and performance marketing. They discuss the importance of creating awareness for the brand while generating demand for their retail partners. Maria highlights the need for a data-driven approach to marketing, including TV advertising, out-of-home campaigns, and digital measurement. They emphasize the importance of continuous engagement with consumers through retargeting and personalized messaging.

Overall, the podcast episode delves into the challenges and opportunities faced by an established brand entering a new product category. It explores the brand's marketing strategies and the importance of understanding consumer preferences and behaviors in order to drive awareness and sales.

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