March Madness 2023 | DOOH Advertising Opportunities

With March approaching, college basketball fans are getting ready to fill in their brackets and cheer for their favorite team. 

Beginning March 14th, 68 teams across the country will begin battling for the men’s NCAA Tournament title. With millions of viewers tuning into the games, March Madness is also a prime opportunity for advertisers. 

Programmatic Digital Out of Home (pDOOH) can help any brand be part of the NCAA March Madness experience by displaying game reminders and scores in real-time. With programmatic buying, advertisers can use a single PMP deal ID to reach fans and audiences in key markets, as well as adjust targeting strategies, shift funds, and change creative in a moment’s notice. 

Here are some reasons why advertisers should use pDOOH during March Madness!


The NCAA tournament attracts more viewers as teams are eliminated and the championship game nears. Using Lamar’s programmatic offering, advertisers can focus their pDOOH spend on key locations such as the regional host cities of Las Vegas, New York, Kansas City, and Louisville. Below is a map of Lamar’s wide-scale coverage for March Madness 2023. 

Dynamic Capabilities and Relevant Creative  

pDOOH offers advertisers a variety of dynamic capabilities that enable brands to reach their intended audience with their message at the right time. Lamar accesses real-time data that can be used to inform a range of campaign creative elements, including countdowns and live game scores, all of which help to maximize fan engagement. Whether you are promoting a broadcast or streaming service, a betting platform, food and beverage products, or driving ticket sales, integrating time sensitive details using pDOOH creates urgency and relevance.

Food & Beverage

During the month-long tournament, fans will host and attend watch parties, snacking throughout the game and sharing drinks with friends. Food and beverage products, grocery stores, and restaurants can take advantage of pDOOH during March Madness to reach audiences as they buy foods and beverages and prepare to cheer on their favorite team! 

Sports Betting 

March Madness is the biggest sports betting event of the year. According to the AGA, the 67-game March Madness tournament is expected to generate three times as many legal bets as the $1 billion in wagers placed on the Super Bowl. For sports betting platforms, pDOOH is a natural way to reach sports wagers with March Madness promotions, specials, and bonuses. Lamar offers a wide range of inventory in geographic locations where sports betting advertising is legal.

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