Navigating the Programmatic Path and Road Ahead with Marc Bartholomew | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In episode 4 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes Marc Bartholomew, SVP of OOH at Dentsu, to discuss the intriguing world of programmatic OOH advertising. Marc explains how he progressed from a sports enthusiast and agency intern to a driving force behind Dentsu's programmatic OOH strategies.

Marc's venture into programmatic OOH began with a vital realization - the need to demystify industry jargon. He strongly believes in using plain and simple language when explaining it. At its core, programmatic OOH involves making data-driven decisions about where and when ads should be displayed based on audience and location data. This clear-cut explanation is crucial in helping to educate stakeholders and advance the entire industry.

During a pivotal point in their discussion, Marc explained why buyers need to steer the programmatic OOH landscape and strongly advocates for collaboration between vendors and buyers to establish a unified industry voice. While technology platforms and vendors play significant roles, widespread adoption of programmatic must originate from the buying side. Understanding the unique nature of this medium is crucial, as programmatic OOH differs significantly from traditional digital channels.

Specialists occupy a central role in the success of programmatic OOH. They possess an in-depth understanding of the medium's intricacies and are adept at bridging the gap between traditional OOH and programmatic buying. At Dentsu, Marc's team consists of specialists who excel in programmatic OOH, ensuring that campaigns remain contextually relevant and effective.

Marc’s reliance on simplicity, education, and collaboration drives the roadmap for the future of programmatic OOH. As the industry continues to evolve, the critical roles of specialists and buyers will shape its success.

As the podcast discussion concludes, Marc and Ian discuss the importance of maintaining consistent messaging, the need to expand capabilities on the buying side, data utilization, creativity, and the role of technology in the industry. Additionally, they speak about challenges such as counterfeit OOH ads and the impact of real-world experiences versus fraudulent placements.

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