Revolutionizing Out of Home Advertising with 3D Anamorphic Creativity with Lina Maggi | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In episode 7 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes Lina Maggi, VP of Partnerships and Head of Out of Home at BCN Visuals, to discuss 3D anamorphic full motion in OOH and the evolution of creative advertising. 

The episode begins with Lina sharing her fascinating journey, which began as a foreign exchange student at Pepperdine, to carving her path in the advertising industry. She emphasizes the importance of having fun and fostering creativity in OOH, where the boundaries of imagination are virtually limitless. Lina challenges the misconception that creativity is confined to artistic skills or drawing abilities, asserting that it encompasses much more.

As the conversation unfolds, Lina recounts her transition from agency to the publisher side, and then back again to the agency. She highlights how her innate gift for communication and her love for talking to people made her realize that her true calling lies in sales. Lina and Ian discuss the pivotal role sales teams play in understanding client needs.

BCN Visuals, under the visionary leadership of Lina, is redefining the advertising landscape by prioritizing creativity as the foundation for successful campaigns. Lina's goal is clear: to establish BCN Visuals as a household name for top-tier 3D anamorphic work, emphasizing quality over speed of delivery. She addresses the myths surrounding 3D anamorphic, dispelling the notion that it's limited to flat or angled screens.

The episode takes a deep dive into some remarkable campaigns including "Avatar" and "Miss Dior" which were seen in iconic locations like New York’s Times Square. BCN campaign for BMW, featuring a BMW XM vehicle on a billboard in Times Square, became an historic moment for automotive advertising. The groundbreaking campaign was shared virally on TikTok and became a TV spot, demonstrating the power of OOH to extend into complementary media channels. 

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The conversation then pivots towards the future of Fake Out of Home (FOOH) where Lina acknowledges some of the limitations, which include the frustration of people searching for something they can't find. This shortfall can negatively impact brand perception. 

In discussing virtual influencers and AI robots, Lina believes these concepts can be realized using real people to spark excitement around OOH and creative thinking to bridge the gap between the physical and online/social worlds.

BCN Visuals is pushing boundaries and creating naturally shareable content that captivates and inspires. With a strong track record, they have yet to encounter an idea they couldn't bring to life.

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