Discovering Bermuda’s Culture and Connection with Jamari Douglas | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In Episode 16 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes Jamari Douglas, Vice President of Marketing, PR, and Communications at the Bermuda Tourism Authority. Jamari is a Morehouse College graduate, inspired by his mother's pride in the institution. A native of Bermuda, Jamari discusses the unique blend of cultures on the island, its beauty, and its tight-knit, thriving community. 

At the outset of the conversation, Ian and James explore Bermuda as a destination, with a focus on its authenticity. Jamari explains how Bermuda embraces visitors, making them a part of the island's culture and tradition. Unlike other destinations that merely talk about authenticity, Bermuda offers a genuine and different experience. The entire island serves as a resort for visitors with countless locations to explore and activities to enjoy. The concept of the "Bermuda Hug" is exemplified as visitors are warmly welcomed. Many even form lifelong connections with Bermudians.

The conversation turns to the festivals and events in Bermuda, with a focus on the renowned Cup Match. Jamari describes the excitement, vibrant culture, and celebration of emancipation and Bermudian heritage associated with the festival. Attending Cup Match is seen as an ideal opportunity to immerse oneself in Bermuda's culture, enjoy festivities with locals, and create lasting memories.

Moving forward, Ian delves into Jamari’s journey and career working in Bermuda's tourism industry. Jamari's dedication and passion for promoting Bermuda shines through as he shares his experiences and involvement in the island's transformation. From an internship to his current role, Jamari's love for Bermuda and excitement about its future are both evident.

Additionally, this episode explores the success of Bermuda's "Lost Yet Found" brand campaign and the unique way in which Out of Home advertising was deployed. Jamari explains how the use of 3D billboards, strategically placed in prominent locations like Times Square, captured attention and generated increased interest in Bermuda. He emphasizes that storytelling and the creation of cohesive media plan were critically important in building a strong online presence and user experience.

To wrap up, Jamari shares his three favorite things to do in Bermuda which include enjoying a Bermuda codfish breakfast, immersing himself in local establishments like the White Horse Tavern, and soaking up the sun on the beach. This episode will leave listeners intrigued by Bermuda's authenticity, cultural celebrations, and the passion of individuals like Jamari who work tirelessly to promote the island's beauty and unique experiences.