The Perfect Political Platform | DOOH

With only a few weeks left before election day and early voting already in full swing, it is now more important than ever to start advertising. It is not too late to get your message out there and digital out of home (DOOH) is the perfect medium to use.

Here's why: 

Americans are constantly bombarded with advertisements through their personal technology allowing for messages to easily get lost in the clutter. DOOH has the rare ability to reach mass audiences with clear uninterrupted messages. And with the current “fake news” culture, DOOH is integral for political based campaigns because it provides a medium trusted by consumers to hold the truth.

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This year has changed the voting process for many Americans and with so much false information circulating around the internet, DOOH has been used to provide consumers with trustworthy resources. 

Progress NC is using colorful imagery throughout North Carolina in order to educate citizens about this years voting.

California SOS is also using DOOH to provide a trustworthy message about mail-in ballots.  

2020 has not allowed citizens to get to know the presidential candidates in the typical fashion. The presidential debate was a valuable opportunity for citizens to hear how each candidate viewed important topics and policies. 

MSNBC used powerful creative to inform and remind Americans when to tune in to the debate. 

And of course it wouldn’t be an election without advertisements focused on individual candidates. DOOH provides a large reach to impressionable citizens and the time for influencing voters is now! 

Republican Voters Against Trump is using bold messages to inspire voters in several states.

Carlos Nolasco used DOOH to display vivid creative to motivate voters.

Renee Yanta used DOOH to influence voters for the local election. 

America First Policies used DOOH to provide valuable informational resources.