No Place Like OOH For The Holidays! | Digital Out of Home Tips Q4

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is the best way to advertise during this holiday season!

OOH Advertising Awareness Has Increased

According to new research from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), 49% of consumers reported noticing billboards more now than a year ago. This increase in awareness underscores the need for brands to include OOH in holiday advertising plans. The data has spoken and so have consumers – OOH is hard to miss!

Consumers Are On The Roads

Though every campaign has different needs, each one aims to reach consumers. Where will consumers be this holiday season? On the roads!

The holiday season has always been a popular travel time, despite the uncertainty in these past few years. This year, there is no uncertainty. Consumers will be traveling. According to the OAAA, 59% of adults plan to travel, with 64% going by car. The economy seems to be having little impact on holiday travel plans, as the OAAA reports that one-third of consumers intend to spend more money on holiday travel this year despite inflation.

Digital Campaigns are More Effective with OOH

Adding OOH components to an online campaign has been proven to aid in campaign effectiveness. OOH increases reach by as much as 340% when added to a mobile or web campaign. OOH has also proven to prompt greater earned media coverage, driving more consumers to engage with advertisers online. The OAAA reported that 75% of consumers who saw a billboard on social media engaged with the brand, with 48% visiting the website.

Programmatic Is Flexible & Targeted

Research has shown OOH to be a highly effective form of advertising for the holidays. But consumer habits can be difficult to predict from one year to the next. This year, 24% of respondents said they expect to begin holiday shopping earlier than last.

Programmatic advertising uses impression-based buying allowing advertisers to use multiple media types to easily reach target audiences when and where they are most likely to be. By including programmatic DOOH, advertisers gain all the benefits of OOH with the flexibility of programmatic.

Standout Holiday Screens

Lamar has DOOH screens available in Bryan Park, a 4 acre urban oasis in the heart of New York City. The park welcomes over 12 million annual visitors to recreational areas, food kiosks & the iconic Winter Village seasonal shops.

To learn more about the prime holiday inventory, check out this one-sheet!

Consumers are ready for the holidays and your advertising campaign should be too! Please contact us to get started on your holiday campaign.