Geopath/OAAA OOH Media Conference 2022 Recap | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In this special bonus episode of Digital & Dirt, Ian Dallimore takes the podcast to Marco Island, FL to record live from the Geopath/OAAA 2022 OOH Media Conference & Expo. From the Lamar Green Room, Ian sat down with a wide range of speakers including Dr. Sian Proctor, Loreen Babcock, Dee C. Marshall and others!

At the start of the first day of the Conference, Ian Dallimore sat down with explorer and astronaut, Dr. Sian Proctor, to discuss her time in space and to share her perspectives. 

"566 people have ever traveled to space and I had the privilege of having a conversation with one of those people.  Sian’s approach to life and the impact that space has had on her will inspire you to challenge yourself daily.  When Sian describes “Earth Light” it literally will send goosebumps across your body!"

- Ian Dallimore

Next, co-emcee of the conference Candice Simons, joined Ian to reminisce about the “rising star” awards they each received at the conference a few years ago and discuss OOH UNITED, a committee created to advance a culture of inclusion throughout the OOH industry. Ian also speaks with another conference co-emcee, Marc Fenty, about OOH UNITED as well.

"No surprise how quickly Peter became a fan of the OOH industry and I was his #1 fan.  He’s a likable guy and fellow sneakerhead (over 370+ in his collection)  His approach and newfound education and love for OOH space were fun to listen to both on stage and on the podcast.  His depth of knowledge of digital media and passion proved that we are headed in the right direction we just need to flex more." - Ian Dallimore

As Ian took the stage to speak about “Driving Incremental Growth in OOH,” Digital & Dirt producer Claire Lakvold took the podcast microphone and spoke with author, speaker, and advisor, Rishad Tobaccowala, who shared his thoughts on OOH and the metaverse. 


Following the conclusion of his presentation, Ian returned to the podcast and welcomed Peter Chun, SVP Global Head of Partnerships & Growth at VaynerMedia, Rapport President, Chris Olsen, and Vincent Letang, EVP Global Market Intelligence at MAGNA,  to discuss their time on stage at the confrence.

Lastly, Ian spoke with Loreen Babcock, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Montefiore Medical Center, to get her thoughts on the OOH campaign that honored the work of and expressed appreciation for nurses during the pandemic.

On the final day of the Geopath/OAAA conference, Ian chatted with the man who helped put together the entire conference, Geopath President, Dylan Mabin.

"Watching Dylan grow throughout the industry and rise to the top, and newly elected President was excited to chat.  The success of the conference can be attributed to his leadership. Dylan is a doer and we talk about his growth to the top and where GeoPath needs to go in order to achieve success." - Ian Dallimore


Ian also spent time with Natrian Maxwell, GM Emerging Channels at The Trade Desk, Rick Robinson, Chief Creative Officer in Residence of OAAA, and Anna Bager, President & CEO of OAAA discussing the 80th annual OBIE awards and the touching honorary video shown at the conference.

Finally, Ian discussed diversity and inclusion in OOH with Dee C. Marshall, CEO of Diverse and Engaged. 

"Dee’s excitement and enthusiasm for DEI and just life were infectious.  I greatly enjoyed leaning in and learning more about what we can do better around this topic.  We can all do better by just being better Humans!" - Ian Dallimore

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