Kickoff the Season with DOOH | 2021 NFL Coverage & Tips

The recent months have been filled with the continued opening of cities and the return of many populous events. Among the many things to be excited about is the return of fans to roaring football stadiums. Most NFL stadiums, and many college teams, are planning for full capacity this season. As a result, fans are beyond eager for the 2021 season to kick off. 


From tailgating to watching at home, it is well known that football is often coupled with drinking alcohol. Anheuser-Busch has been a long-time partner of the NFL. In 2021, Diageo (whose brands include Smirnoff, Crown Royal and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum) will become the first spirits sponsor. Diageo was the first spirits brand to air a commercial during an NFL game in 2017 and has been focused on responsible game day drinking for years!

The Diageo sponsorship will undoubtedly change the way spirits advertise during football season. As fans celebrate the return of their beloved game, all brands will be looking to make an impact through advertising campaigns. Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) is a highly effective way to reach consumers and impact shopping habits. Programmatic DOOH is data-driven, meaning it uses data to display ads when and where target audiences are located. Check out the Michelob Ultra case study below to learn more!

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Food & Grocery

Tailgating and watch parties will be in full swing. With tailgating and watch parties comes lots of grocery shopping. Beer and booze of course, but also chips, hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, sodas… and so much more!

DOOH is a great way to let consumers know about your brand or store. Since football games are played between Thursday and Monday each week, consumers will be planning their grocery needs during the middle of the workweek on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Why is that important? Now that many workers are back in their physical offices, consumers will be on the roads during these days. The best way to reach them is with huge, unavoidable DOOH screens.

Sports Betting

The excitement of the returning “normal” season is sure to impact sports betting activity. Sports betting has been possible and popular during the pandemic via several different apps and websites. Now, the ability to return to a casino and watch the drama play out in person will produce a completely different sports betting experience. Apps and websites will certainly remain popular and, in all likelihood, will gain in popularity as fans want to be a part of the action and potentially profit. Casinos are sure to also see an increase in popularity, now that most restrictions are lifted. While sports betting is not legal in all states, DOOH advertising is a great way to reach fans where it is legal. Our team at Lamar is happy to help your brand find the best locations that will reach desired audiences.

Game Day/Time Reminders

Football season is definitely not the only thing returning to normal. People are going back to work, kids are going back to school and the busy habits of pre-pandemic life are returning. With busy schedules and frequent games, fans excited about the upcoming football season may find it difficult to remember when and where games are being broadcast. Game day and game time reminders on DOOH screens are an easy and effective way to remind fans to tune in and inform them as to which network or streaming service is airing the game. DOOH game reminders can help influence viewing rates and consumers' streaming habits during and after the game. 

Lamar Network

To make things easier, Lamar has created an NFL network containing 560+ panels surrounding stadiums. Please contact us to learn more or to get started using the 2021 NFL network!

NFL Stadiums and Lamar DOOH coverage
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