DPAA Global Summit Recap 2022 | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In this special bonus episode of Digital and Dirt, Ian Dallimore takes the podcast to the Big Apple for the DPAA Global Summit 2022. From the Lamar Green Room, Ian sat down with a wide range of speakers including Erika Wykes-Sneyd, Kathleen Hall, Paul Woolmington, and others!

At the start of the summit, Ian spoke with one of the original inspirations for Digital and Dirt, Tim Rowe, also the host of the OOH Insider podcast, which has published over 150 episodes. 

Next, Katie Zapata, FreshDirect Vice President of Brand Marketing, joined Ian to review the FreshDirect case study presented at the summit showcasing the effectiveness of a recent interactive transit campaign. They also discussed how FreshDirect goes beyond grocery delivery to provide food and nutritional education to underprivileged kids.

Click here to learn more about FreshDirect's NY Common Pantry

Fresh off the stage, Adomni and Shoutable CEO, Jonathan Gudai, joined Ian to discuss the Shoutable platform and how it is uniquely allowing creators to use OOH. Jonathan explained how OOH can drive success and interactivity similar to social media and why programmatic is an important piece of the puzzle. 

Following his conversation with Jonathan, Ian spent time with Michael Provenzano, CEO & Co-Founder of Vistar Media for a chat about the continued evolution of the company’s platform. Michael provided insights on the newly launched mediation tool and explains why data, analytics, and transparency are key.

Always on the lookout for a fellow sneakerhead, Ian next sat down with Erika Wykes-Sneyd, VP of Global Marketing for Adidas. They discussed Adidas’ massive success in metaverse marketing, breaking down how the brand is staying true to itself in the virtual world.

Ian then spent time with Paul Woolmington, CEO of Canvas Worldwide, reviewing his participation in the fireside chat with the CMO of Claire’s. Paul explained why it is important that brands remain connected to their history as they continue to evolve and shared his thoughts on the power of nostalgia to help brands tap into and reach more audiences. 

Kathleen Hall, Chief Brand Officer for Microsoft, joined Ian to discuss the power of authentic branding, detailing how Microsoft has evolved as a tech brand by better articulating the company's core values. She explained how Microsoft’s values act as a building block for branding, with authenticity being an essential factor. 

Lastly, Founder & CEO of INDIVIDUAL, Saami Bloom, joined Ian to discuss the future of personal branding for executives. As the world becomes more connected through social media, the line between an executive's personal and the company’s brand becomes more apparent. Saani explained why personal platform development will become vital for companies to network and connect with consumers and internally.

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