A Passion for Multicultural Insights and Transformative Leadership in Out of Home: Claudia Damas Joins the Digital and Dirt Podcast

In Episode 3 of this season's Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian is joined by Claudia Damas, CEO of Altermark, to discuss multicultural insights and her leadership role in the Out of Home industry.

Claudia sees the OOH world as a free museum where brands can exhibit their creativity. With a  philosophy centered on simplicity and excellence, she see her path from interior design to becoming Altermark's CEO as a reflection of her passion for impactful campaigns that resonate and captivate diverse cultures.

Claudia discusses the nuances of multicultural divisions in advertising, emphasizing the importance of developing tailored and culturally relevant messaging. In discussing the Latin American culture, she underscores the significance of grasping its essence for authentic campaigns.

Claudia talks about her role in launching a multicultural division at Kinetic, which focuses on targeting specific cultures within advertising. At Altermark, Claudia's approach to OOH blends Brazilian essence and face-to-face interactions, Notably, bringing innovative OOH campaigns to life by showing buyers how viewers interact with their campaign. 

In closing, she explains how she envisions a future where OOH is harmonized with cities and leveraged as a tool for public education. Finally, she discusses her dedication to empowering women, as evidenced by her involvement in the "WE.DOOH" initiative. 

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