Disrupting Tradition & Advancing Tech Across Industries with Amanda Dorenberg | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In Episode 3 of Digital & Dirt Season 2, host Ian Dallimore speaks with COMMB President, Amanda Dorenberg.

Amanda was first introduced to the OOH industry as a model, during which time she was featured on a billboard in Canada. In this episode, she discusses her modeling career and how an unexpected health incident changed her perspective on life. To learn more about Amanda’s health story, check out her article here!

source: My One-In-A-Million Experience: 11 Years Later

Throughout her career, Amanda has focused on disrupting traditional methods of business and driving technology growth. Ian and Amanda discuss her impressive career path that ultimately led her to COMMB. Read more about Amanda’s career history here.

In this episode, Ian and Amanda discuss the growing use of technology in Out of Home, the uniqueness of OOH as a medium, and the differences between the U.S. and Canada as it relates to changing technologies. Amanda shares her views as to what excites her about the industry right now!

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