The "Dope" Case Study You Need To See Before 4/20

Hello Spring… or should I say High spring? The month of April is a month of blooming flowers and trees, but April is also the month to celebrate one very special plant. Over the past few years the celebration of 4/20 has changed drastically. In many places’ marijuana is perfectly legal, so when someone says “I know a guy”, the “guy” is a completely legal business.

4/20 does not have the same stigma that it used to have, it is a holiday recognized and celebrated by many. Lamar’s Programmatic Digital Out of Home (pDOOH) is the perfect way to reach consumers celebrating the holiday! While there are limitations on where advertisements for marijuana can be show, Lamar has networks available to help advertisers effectively and legally reach consumers.

Check out the case study below for more information on how pDOOH can positively impact your next “Dope” campaign!
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