Score Big with Programmatic DOOH | World Cup Coverage 2022

With less than two months until the FIFA World Cup, it’s time for brands to consider how they can score with Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising.

Soccer, better known as football across the globe, is the most popular sport in the world! The World Cup is the biggest showcase of both the sport and its worldwide fandom. While soccer may not be as popular in the U.S. as other countries, there's no doubt fans across the nation will be tuning in to watch the action.

Like any major sporting event, the FIFA World Cup offers many opportunities for brands to reach, engage, and influence consumers. From watch parties to betting on the games, fans will be engaged in a multitude of activities connected to this global event. Because these same consumers are on the roads every day, with 81% noticing DOOH messages, according to Nielsen, the best way for a brand to reach them is via a DOOH campaign displayed on huge, unavoidable billboards and digital screens.

The World Cup is anything but predictable. Lamar programmatic DOOH gives advertisers the flexibility to change and pivot their message as the games play out. Data-driven programmatic technology ensures that ads are displayed when and where a brand’s target consumers are most likely to be. And advertisers have full autonomy over the allocation of their media budgets and can adjust spend across various media outlets to maximize budget efficiency and campaign effectiveness.

For brands that want to capitalize on the World Cup and engage fans with their message, Lamar has made it as easy as possible with the creation of a specialty network consisting of the most significant DOOH inventory located in Major League Soccer markets across the country.

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