What's the Deal with Lamar Programmatic?

Lamar Programmatic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) network can help your brand effectively engage with and connect to your target audiences.

But what is programmatic advertising and why use it for DOOH?

Programmatic is the automated, data-driven buying and selling of advertising. While programmatic buying and selling can be done across many advertising mediums, Lamar focuses exclusively on DOOH.

Measurable, Attainable & Targeted

The impact of DOOH exposure can be measured in brand awareness, foot traffic and sales lift metrics. By serving relevant, contextual and strategic messaging based on behavioral patterns, first- or third-party data, or weather triggering, programmatic can help you reach your target audiences more effectively.

Flexible & Fraud-Free

With programmatic, you have full autonomy over the allocation of your media budget and can adjust spend across various media outlets to maximize budget efficiency and campaign effectiveness. Because Lamar’s inventory is non-fraudulent and unavoidable, due in large part to the sheer size of our billboards, you can reach your customers in a consistent and trustworthy way.

Client Services

Lamar works hard to provide the best service to our clients. From quick, same-day deal setups to live webcam POPs, Lamar's team is always focused on delivering client success. To learn more about Lamar Programmatic DOOH, check out the PDF below or contact us today!

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