Summer 2021, Vacation Here They Come! | Tourism Coverage & Tips

Summer is on the horizon and with summer comes traveling! Although the pandemic is still affecting the country, it will be much easier to travel in 2021 compared to 2020. And consumers are ready to travel again. Tourism may have taken a hit last summer but get ready because the vacationers are coming!  

American Express Travel researched how travelers felt a year into the pandemic and the results were shocking. 56% said the miss traveling so much they are willing to book a trip even if they might have to cancel in the future. Consumers miss traveling so much they are willing to give up trip security. This is huge for tourism because it means people won’t postpone booking trips. Travelers will book the trip with the intent on traveling and if a covid issue arises they feel comfortable canceling.

Using programmatic digital out of home (pDOOH) is the perfect way to reach those ready to travel. Traffic is back on the roads and the best way to reach consumers is with a giant, unavoidable, trustworthy screen. Imagine being stuck in traffic, aggravated and annoyed, you’ve been stuck in the same place for way to long and you need a break… then BOOM! You see it, a beautiful billboard asking you to visit the picture-perfect location on the screen. Suddenly you imagine yourself in the serene location and you can’t help yourself from wanting to plan that trip.

But what about those who aren’t comfortable traveling right now? Many people are waiting to get vaccinated prior to traveling but just because some consumers are waiting doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to advertising. American Express Travel reported 76% of respondents said they are creating destination wish lists for future travel. pDOOH can help advertisers make it on consumers “destination wish lists” by using programmatic technology to be in the right places at the right times.

But travelers want more than a simple visit, 62% said eating is the top activity they are interested in when traveling. So restaurants, bars and other food services should be advertising to travelers. The past year has made a huge impact on peoples lives and the economy, and people are more aware of how their choices make an impact. 77% of respondents said they want to be more conscious about supporting small, local businesses while traveling. pDOOH can help increase awareness of businesses to travelers. And reaching travelers could make a huge impact on businesses because 61% said they plan to spend more than they normally would on a trip since they could not travel last year.

It can be difficult to find and reach travelers. While programmatic technology is extremely helpful by using data driven campaigns, Lamar has made it even easier to reach travelers by creating custom networks. Each panel network below was created by pooling together Lamar DOOH panels around popular vacation destinations. To learn more about these networks or to set up your own custom vacation network please contact us!

East Coast Beach Network – Deal ID: byT4J5W7Q9-CFB8WlWrERQ

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West Coast Beach Network – Deal ID: ppwTvAaoSZiqfXS5WItOiQ

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National Park Network – Deal ID: qiBqa3ITTxmkgOPL60VI3A
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Source: American Express Travel