The Power of the Perfect T-Shirt: How to Fuel Growth for Newly D2C Brand with Jesse Miller | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In Episode 10 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes Jesse Miller, VP of Growth at Goodlife Clothing, a premium essentials and lifestyle brand, to discuss why content is imperative for growth, the evolution of the shopper, and some of the company’s recent successful campaigns. 

Based in NYC and known for creating the perfect T-shirt, Goodlife Clothing strives to deliver style, comfort, and quality to all customers. The brand was founded as a wholesale company before transitioning to a direct-to-consumer model a few years ago. Jesse explains how the company’s “try before you buy” strategy succeeds because once a customer has worn the product, they typically then understand why they should buy it. 

Ian and Jesse discuss the role influencers play in advertising. He explains the concept and benefits of micro-influencing and her belief that consumers are more likely to connect with brands that relate to the person who may be wearing their product. 

Goodlife tends to focus on developing great content as a necessary means to keep the brand fresh and fuel growth. More recently, the company has shifted from 4 photoshoots a year to a scrappier approach to create content at scale that speaks to all kinds of people. 

Lastly, Ian and Jesse discuss the role of data in decision-making to drive sales and how technology has enabled the brand to be flexible and pivot to meet the needs of the customer. 

Jesse recently spoke at the MediaPost Inside Summit about Good Life Clothing’s OOH campaign that leveraged traditional signage with new activation to drive brand awareness. 

                                     Check out the Case Study for this campaign here! 

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