The Importance of Value Driven Success | Digital & Dirt Podcast

Digital & Dirt is kicking off Season 2 with a very special guest, CEO of Lamar Advertising Sean Reilly.

Sean’s road to becoming Lamar’s CEO is jam-packed with achievements and multiple job roles, so many that Host Ian Dallimore needed to create a timeline to help him keep track of it all. In the first episode of Season 2 of Digital & Dirt, Sean and Ian talk through the timeline as Sean explains how each step along the way has helped his career.

Lamar is currently the largest Out of Home (OOH) company in the world, but that wasn’t always the case. When Sean started his career, Lamar was a private business in an industry with several larger OOH companies. Sean takes us back to the beginning examining how the company, which was founded with Charles Lamar losing a coin flip, was able to grow and become what it is today. Learn more about Lamar’s history here!

During his tenure, Sean has successfully managed Lamar through times of crisis. He explains how Lamar’s everyday business mentality has helped the company navigate the unprecedented pandemic, ultimately leading to greater strength, unity and success.

“When your time horizon is forever… then you can take hard times and good times… and understand that they are different sides of the same coin.”      – Sean Reilly

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