Taking a Larger Piece of the Pie with Out of Home with Rogers Mueller | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In Episode 5 of Digital and Dirt Season 2, host Ian Dallimore speaks with Rog Mueller, Vice President of RPM Pizza Midwest.

Rog’s pizza career began as a delivery driver in high school and continued through college. After graduating, he took a brief pizza break and joined Lamar as an Account Executive before returning to his family-run Domino’s franchisee, RPM Pizza, the largest domestic franchise in the U.S.

During this episode, Rog discusses the importance of franchise networking and how Domino’s uses teamwork to innovate and problem solve. Additionally, he explains how the structure of Domino's franchises drives exponential growth with new stores opening every 8 hours.

Food delivery options in the U.S. are no longer just about pizza, due to the continued growth of services like UberEats, Postmates and others. To stay top of mind in their markets, Domino’s continuously must realign on advertising and marketing strategies. Rog and Ian discuss the value Out of Home (OOH) delivers to restaurants trying to gain a larger market share

“You can’t put up 20 stores overnight, but you can put up billboards"

In its simplest form, OOH is a real estate presence. Rog gives the audience an inside view as to how Domino's uses OOH to project a larger presence in markets where they are outnumbered by competitors. He discusses how Dominos uses the power of OOH and its ability to capture consumers on their journey to make the brand look and feel bigger.

Rog and Ian also discuss the unique ability of OOH to help brands saturate a market with their message. Other digital formats are easily diluted by the presence of competing ads and distractions, whereas OOH is free of these issues.

Lastly, Rog and Ian discuss the innovative nature of Dominos’ advertising model and how it has changed, moving away from the past emphasis on pricing. Learn more about how Dominos has successfully leveraged OOH in the following case study:

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