Programmatic Case Studies You Should See Before Summer 2022

Spring forward into summer advertising!

According to the latest Harris Poll, 85% of consumers are planning vacation travel this coming summer. With days getting longer and summer just around the corner, the time for brands to plan their advertising campaigns is now!

Lamar has many resources to help advertisers reach the 79% of consumers planning to drive by car to their vacation destinations this summer, including programmatic digital Out of Home (DOOH). The power of programmatic technology makes it easy for advertisers to find, reach, and impact consumers travelers via data driven campaigns.

Check out the case studies below to gain more insight about the benefits of programmatic as you consider your 2022 campaigns!

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Travel/Tourism Advertiser

One of the most popular summer activities is travel and tourism. In the following case study, a Travel Advertiser used the capabilities of programmatic DOOH to promote visitation to the state of Florida.

The creative featured happy tourists experiencing some of Florida’s family-friendly water attractions, such as the beach and a water park, displayed on digital billboards in the Chicago DMA with the goal of driving website visitation. In 14 days, the campaign generated a 210.24% lift in website visits, with DOOH exposure delivering 6,018,817 visits.

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Quick Service Restaurant Advertiser

With summer travel road trips comes increased visits to quick service restaurants (QSR). DOOH is an extremely effective way for QSR brands to reach traveling consumers on the roads.

In the following case study, a QSR launched a DOOH programmatic campaign to promote its Smoked Brisket menu item, featuring large images of food items.  This campaign primarily used digital billboards, but also gas station and convenience store screens, to target consumers in southern DMAs. In 14 days, the campaign achieved 13.2 million impressions and generated a 188.55% lift in website visits driven by DOOH exposure.