Sea What’s Hot this Summer | Lamar’s Programmatic DOOH Tips & Offerings

As summer approaches and consumers start to plan their vacations, advertisers must strategize their approaches now to reach audiences that are soon to be on the go. Lamar Digital Out of Home (DOOH) offers more than 5 billion weekly impressions that can help lift your brand’s exposure as consumers head outdoors this summer season. In this post, we will explore how brands can use targeting, contextual creative, and custom networks to reach intended audiences. We have built a map of popular summer travel destinations for targeting. Brands seeking a more specific network can contact to create a custom network including specific locations or elements near those locations such as cruise lines, amusement parks, beaches, etc. 

Traveling on the Go

Whether your brand is trying to capture a driver's attention on the road or a tourist outside of an airport, Lamar’s DOOH inventory can help. Contextual creative is crucial when attempting to reach a consumer on a road trip. Elements such as weather triggers, store locations, or daypart targeting can ensure your message resonates with your intended audience. Brands trying to reach consumers near airports can utilize Lamar’s airport network, created to allow brands share their message on all billboards within a 15-mile radius of all U.S. national airports. 

A Trip to the Beach or Mountains 

Some vacationers prefer to relax on the beach while others choose hiking in the mountains. Understanding the differences in your audience preferences is of critical importance when creating your message and selecting targeting parameters. Programmatic technology uses data-driven targeting, enabling brands to reach consumers based on behavior, preference, and location. For example, advertisers trying to reach beachgoers may use creative that appears tropical and consists of messaging related to relaxation. In contrast, brands targeting mountain vacationers may use messaging more specific to adventurous or high-speed activity. Lamar’s programmatic DOOH displays relevant creative messaging and uses data-driven targeting to ensure advertisers reach their intended audience. 

A Trip to an Amusement Park or Waterpark 

Amusement and water parks are the perfect vacation destination for making a child smile. For brands trying to reach family-oriented audiences, Lamar can build promotional networks that include screens located within a certain-mile radius of these destinations. Using dynamic, bright, eye-catching creative elements or weather triggers that change the message at a moment’s notice will help brands connect with consumers. 

Plan Promotions Around Summer Holidays & Events 

With Lamar Programmatic, brands have the flexibility to shift funds and activate campaigns for however long they prefer. Advertisers can promote holidays and events near key locations and at specific times. For example, brands can run a campaign near the time or location of the MLB all-star game or a campaign that runs around the time of the 4th of July. Connecting a brand to a holiday or special occasion can increase ad recall and make your ad stand out against competitors. By leveraging Lamar’s programmatic capabilities and wide-scale inventory, advertisers can use DOOH as a part of their marketing mix to keep their message top of mind for customers. 

The opportunities for brands to make an advertising splash this summer are limitless! By leveraging contextual messaging, audience targeting, the capabilities of programmatic, and Lamar’s network of 4,500+ digital screens nationwide, advertisers can reach their KPIs.  Contact to set up your custom PMP deal today!