Work-Family Balance & The Value of Meaningful Data with Rosie O'Meara | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In episode 4 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes Rosie O'Meara, Chief Revenue Officer at GroundTruth, to discuss work-life balance, being a working mom, and the focus of her company.

Work-life balance is always important, but it becomes more difficult once parenting is involved. Rosie discusses her journey as a working mom, the struggle of compartmentalizing, and how she has juggled it all.  

In addition to parenting challenges, the shift to working from home has affected the dynamic of employees in all different life stages. Rosie explains the importance of connecting virtually with others and identifies the benefits and disadvantages of working from home. She believes that, while working from home can create a more inclusive culture through the virtual sharing of personal lives, it is also important that employees ‘read the room’ and avoid oversharing on unrelatable topics.

Lastly, Ian and Rosie discuss her career journey from assistant to CRO and the role GroundTruth plays in delivering data to marketers.

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