Deck the Halls and the Boards! Why DOOH is the Best Way to Advertise This Holiday Season

Programmatic Digital Out of Home Advertising is the best way to advertise during the 2020 holiday season. Period. It is highly effective and flexible, essentially exactly what is needed during a pandemic.

OOH Advertising has Increased in Awareness

According to new research from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), 45% of American adults (18-54) reported they are noticing out of home advertising (OOH) more than before the pandemic. But prior to the pandemic, OOH was already an extremely effective form of advertising with 81% of consumers saying they noticed the messages on OOH. This huge increase in awareness and effectiveness of OOH in Q4 should not be ignored!

During these unprecedented times, consumer patterns have changed. Advertising is not being consumed in the same way it was last year. The holiday season is a HUGE season for advertising but this year advertising plans need to readjust in order to reach consumers effectively. OOH advertising needs to be included in Holiday advertising plans this year! The data has spoken and so have consumers – OOH is hard to miss!

Digital Campaigns are More Effective with OOH

Americans have spent an excessive amount of screen time during the pandemic, but this has not caused an increase in desire of online ads. In fact, 68% said they spend so much time looking at screens that they often tune out online ads.

Because of the pandemic, holiday shopping trends will shift even more to online shopping methods. But with so many consumers online, how do advertisers prevent consumers from tuning out or having banner blindness? OOH is the answer!

Adding OOH components to an online campaign will help prevent consumers from tuning out. Prior to the pandemic, OOH increased reach by as much as 303% when added to a mobile or web campaign. With the current increase in OOH awareness and decrease in online ad awareness, it is vital to add OOH to web campaigns to effectively reach consumers.

Programmatic Allows Flexibility

The research has proven OOH to be a highly effective form of advertising for the holidays, but we are still in a pandemic. Committing to an OOH advertising campaign right now is a bit intimidating. What if you need to change messaging or timing or location? The answer is programmatic!

Programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) allows advertisers the flexibility desired during these uncertain times. Creative messaging can be changed quickly. Campaign dates are non-committal and can be changed to pause, extend, shorten or stop. Campaign locations are also non-committal and can be altered throughout the campaign.

Every campaign has different needs, but every campaign wants to reach consumers at the highest level possible and Programmatic DOOH campaigns are so important for effectively reaching consumers right now.

People are ready for the holidays and your advertising campaign should be too! Please contact us to get started on your Holiday programmatic campaign.


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