Pursuing Adventure & Creative Storytelling with Paul Woolmington

In episode 13 of this season's Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes Paul Woolmington, CEO at Canvas Worldwide, to discuss his adventurous spirit, the development of Canvas Worldwide, and the importance of creative storytelling. 

Curious and creative to his core, Paul discusses his adventurous spirit that has led him to visit more than 100 countries, including the UK where he was photobombed by the royal family. He explains how global travel has given him many different perspectives that have helped build his career. 

Canvas Worldwide, named “Most Innovative Agency” by Campaign US, is Paul’s most recent entrepreneurial effort. Paul explains how the media agency started, how it sets itself apart, and how Canvas is providing solutions and solving problems while “challenging the comfortable” every day.

Lastly, Ian and Paul dive into the impact data has on creativity. They discuss how data and technology, sometimes seen as a creativity killer, can drive more innovative ideas when used correctly. Paul explains how technology continues to change the typical brand-to-consumer marketing funnels and why adaptation is sometimes tricky. Paul believes creativity and data can best be exhibited through Out of Home. 

To conclude the episode, Paul and Ian review some stand out advertisments from the annual OBIE awards hosted by the OAAA.

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