Don't Miss Your Shot! | NBA Conference Finals Coverage & Tips

The NBA Conference Finals are well underway and it’s safe to say the excitement is growing in the already busy cities of Atlanta, Milwaukee, Phoenix and Los Angeles!

There’s no better way to grab the attention of basketball-minded consumers than with Lamar programmatic digital Out of Home (pDOOH). While many fans will be watching from the stadium, even more will be watching from home in the cities of the teams facing off. This week Atlanta, Milwaukee, Phoenix and Los Angeles will be filled with fans focused on basketball and who are also prime consumers of sporting goods, beverages, snacks, and quick service restaurants.

Imagine you’re on your way home from work and planning on heading to a friend’s house to watch the big game. You’re just starting to get hungry when you see a huge unavoidable DOOH ad for a delicious pizza! What a perfect meal to enjoy while watching the game! So you head straight to the pizza place to grab a pie before the game. Your response wouldn’t be unusual, according to a Nielsen OOH study 25% of consumers visit a restaurant in response to seeing an OOH ad.  

Now, imagine driving home after watching your home team win the game. On your way, you pass a billboard advertising your favorite player’s jersey and think to yourself, “I should order one online when I get home.” You wouldn’t be the only one! 81% of consumers say they notice messages on OOH ads. And 66% of consumers use their smartphones (to search for more info, access a coupon, visit the advertiser’s website or download an app) in response to OOH ads.

The NBA Conference Finals are unpredictable but Lamar pDOOH makes it easy to pivot campaigns as the games play out. Lamar pDOOH allows for fast changes to campaign locations, creative and flights. To make it even easier, Lamar programmatic has created a custom NBA Conference finals network that includes the most significant DOOH NBA coverage in Atlanta, Milwaukee, Phoenix and Los Angeles! Please contact us to learn more of to set up a deal!

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