Hey Now, You're an All-Star! Get Your DOOH Game On... | MLB All-Star Game Coverage & Tips

While it may be too early to tell who will be playing in the 2021 MLB All-Star game, it’s not too early to start planning your advertising.

The MLB All-Star game will be played at the Coors Field in Denver, CO on July 13th. The game will cause a rush of baseball fans to migrate into Denver for All-Star game weekend. The influx of consumers unfamiliar with the city of Denver allows advertisers the perfect opportunity to influence purchase decisions by using Lamar Digital Out of Home (DOOH) alone or in conjunction with other forms or digital advertising. Lamar programmatic has created an All-Star network of panels to help advertisers reach easily reach consumers using DOOH.

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Imagine ideal consumer Jake just arrived to Denver for the game. Upon his arrival, he realizes he’s hungry and wants to find a place to eat.

Jake uses his phone to search restaurants in the area and watches to see if he passes any places that look good on his ride to the hotel, but can’t decide where to go. Then all of a sudden, he sees it… a huge mouthwatering image of delicious looking food displayed using DOOH. Jake came across this restaurant when researching on his phone but didn’t give it much thought until he saw the DOOH ad. Jake decides to eat at the restaurant and ends up enjoying it so much he recommends it to others visiting Denver for the game.

Consumers watching the game are likely to purchase alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages, grocery supplies and/or quick services restaurant items. But other brands can also benefit from advertising during All-Star weekend. The influx of consumers on the roads and in the city will help increase brand awareness for any brands using DOOH advertising.  

Unlike other big MLB games, the All-Star game consists of players from teams all over the country. This means more baseball fans than usual will be paying attention and supporting the team with their favorite players. Lamar programmatic has created an American League Network and a National League Network to help advertisers reach the baseball fans tuning in from baseball cities across America.

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