Buy Me Some Peanuts & pDOOH | MLB Coverage & Tips

Take your advertising out to the ball game, because the MLB will be in full swing for the next 6 months!

Although stadiums are not a full capacity yet, most stadiums are allowing thousands of fans and will potentially allow more throughout the season as vaccines are more widely distributed. And with so many games played, using pDOOH (programmatic Digital Out of Home) around ball parks and in MLB cities is an ideal way to reach all types of consumers.

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Lamar has an incredible pDOOH network specifically for advertisers wanting to take advantage of the millions of impressions available during baseball season. For more information, please contact us or see below for network Deal Id's!

Similar to other sports seasons, baseball season is great for food and beverage brands. Consumers watching the games are likely to purchase alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages, grocery supplies and/or quick services restaurant items. And with the weather warming up, consumers are likely to participate in outdoor activities while watching the games. BBQs, seafood boils and picnic style foods will all be in high demand for consumers in MLB cities. Brands with these products should be using pDOOH to reach consumers during baseball season. pDOOH allows brands to be flexible in timing & location, but it also allows brands to use data to optimize their campaigns. With pDOOH a grocery store can easily advertise for CrackerJacks & picnic supplies on a warm game day and for hot chocolate on a chilly non-game day.

But brands unrelated to baseball activities can also benefit from using pDOOH in the MLB network. Fans are going to stadiums, and people are watching games at restaurants, bars and friends’ houses, this means there will be traffic on games days in MLB cities. More people on the streets means more people potentially seeing the ads displayed using Lamar pDOOH. All brands can benefit because even though many consumers will be interested in the MLB, it’s not the only thing they are interested in. Consumer in MLB cities are also looking to travel (tourism), buy insurance, watch new movies, upgrade phone plans and more!

To learn more about how to take advantage of Lamar’s MLB network please contact us!

MLB Complete Network Deal ID - Wp-CvrL2R0ePxPhaPev_vQ
MLB National League Network Deal ID - T5P0ZnG6TcOkWKAuZcIpEg
MLB American League Network Deal ID - tvwt9OAwT_SDNc6OPrMCSg