March Madness 2021 | DOOH Coverage & Tips

March Madness is almost here and although it may look a little different this year, basketball fans are ready to watch the action unfold.

With 68 teams battling it out to the championship, it’s nearly impossible to predict how it will all play out. But with so much of the country paying attention to the tournament, it’s prime time to be advertising. Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is the perfect way to advertise during March Madness because it allows for flexibility in location and quick changes to creative. Here are some of the best ways to advertise during March Madness!

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In Indianapolis

Since Indianapolis is hosting the entire tournament this year, it will become a hub like we’ve never seen before. Large sporting events are always a primetime for advertising due to the influx in people and media attention coming into the city. Unlike typical hosting cities, Indianapolis will remain a hot spot for an entire month rather than a few days. Take a look at our coverage in Indianapolis.

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Game Reminders

With so many games to be played in the tournament, it can be hard to remember when to tune in. Game Reminders are a great way increase brand awareness and create a positive brand association. Specifically, television and streaming services can hugely benefit from Game Reminders, with so many people watching from home DOOH is a powerful way to influence fans to watch on the platform advertised.

Sports Betting

It’s no secret sports betting is extremely popular. And with a month long of game after game after game, there is ample opportunity to reach fans and get them betting. Take a look at our coverage map of states that allow March Madness betting at gambling venues.

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Food & Beverage

From nervous snacking to full game day spreads, people love to eat while they watch… and there’s a lot to watch this month. Quick service restaurants, packaged goods and alcohol brands should all be taking advantage of March Madness by using DOOH.

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