Building a Brand beyond the Basketball Court with Langston Galloway | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In Episode 6 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes Langston Galloway, Founder & CEO of Ethics The Brand, to discuss his career in the NBA and his work beyond the basketball court. 

The episode begins with Langston explaining how he started philanthropic work in his early teenage years by collecting thousands of pairs of sneakers to build a track for his school. Realizing he could do more than just play the sport he loves, he founded The Langston Galloway foundation which provides sports, education, and wellness resources to youth within communities. 

Langston describes the struggles he faced throughout his life, including being told he would never make it to the NBA due to his size. He explains how he overcame the doubters to become a successful player and, ultimately, an entrepreneur. 

Shifting to advertising, Langston discusses the pros and cons of social media and the role it plays in building both a personal brand and a sneaker company. He details how he used social when launching Ethics The Brand, his sneaker company that goes beyond the creative design to add meaning to the shoes and those who wear them. The episode concludes with Ian and Langston reviewing the inspiration for shoe designs. 

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