Lamar’s Education Series Pt. 4: Elevating Industry Standards | Inventory Quality with Eric Lamb from Vistar Media

Welcome back to the Lamar Education Series! We are excited to present a compelling conversation between two industry thought leaders: Lamar’s Ian Dallimore and Eric Lamb, Senior Vice President of Supply at Vistar Media, a prominent SSP and DSP in the programmatic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) space.

Eric sheds light on the critical aspects and importance of inventory quality in the DOOH industry. Check out Ian and Eric’s conversation below! 

Defining Inventory Quality in DOOH

Inventory quality in DOOH refers to the standard and accuracy of the digital ad spaces available for purchase by advertisers. It encompasses various factors, such as the environment where the screens are located, the presentation of the ad, and the reliability of the data associated with the screens.

Eric explains that delivering high inventory quality is essential to meeting the expectations of buyers and building trust in the programmatic DOOH ecosystem.

The Three Pillars of Inventory Quality

To enhance inventory quality, Vistar Media has adopted a three-pillar approach:

1. Environment: This pillar relates to the location of a screen and its surroundings. The goal is to provide an appropriate environment that aligns with advertiser needs and ensures maximum visibility and impact.

2. Presentation: The presentation pillar focuses on the appearance and condition of a digital screen. Factors like cleanliness, size, and brightness play a significant role in delivering an impactful message to the audience.

3. Signals: This refers to the data and metadata associated with a screen. Accurate and reliable data is crucial for verifying the claimed location and context of a screen and delivering to advertisers full value for money.

Introducing "Vistar Verify"

Eric discusses the Vistar Verify program, which addresses the growing demand for transparency and accountability in programmatic DOOH advertising. As programmatic DOOH continues to attract more investments and expands rapidly, there is a pressing need to ensure advertisers receive the expected value for their ad placements.

Vistar Verify validates the quality of DOOH screens, rewarding media owners that have invested in high-quality networks by recognizing them as premium publishers. Simultaneously, the program seeks to educate and support other media owners seeking to improve their networks, with the goal of ultimately raising standards across the industry.

The Vision for the Future

The long-term goal of the Vistar Verify program is to elevate the entire DOOH industry. As the program expands and more screens are verified, it will allow advertisers to have greater confidence in the programmatic DOOH ecosystem. Moreover, it will encourage media owners to strive for excellence, thereby improving the overall quality of DOOH advertising.

Ian expresses his appreciation to Eric for the efforts he and his team have led in spearheading the Vistar Verify program. This initiative not only benefits media owners and advertisers but also contributes to the advancement of the entire industry.

Stay tuned for more exciting conversations with industry leaders as we explore new trends and innovations in DOOH. Together, we can create a more transparent, effective, and impactful advertising ecosystem.