Lamar Programmatic Digital Out of Home: Post COVID-19 Resources

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Here at Lamar, we are always appreciative of your business and the opportunity to be your partner. When the pandemic unfolded, Lamar took action by focusing first on educating the public and providing resources to support frontline workers. Next, we began analyzing Geopath data showing the changing traffic patterns across the country. Now, as the country begins to reopen, Lamar is ready to help you leverage the power of Digital Out of Home to relaunch and recharge your marketing and brand awareness activities using our network of 3,600+ screens in 165+ markets nationwide.


While we all understand that vehicular traffic declined during the stay-at-home order, the good news is that it is rebounding strongly. According to Geopath, the Out of Home industry's independent ratings organization, last week marked the sixth consecutive week of growth in average total miles traveled per day – an increase of 44% since April 6th. Every state has seen a sizeable increase in distance traveled in an average day over the last month. Now is the time to get in front of consumers as they return to the roads.

Summer Travel Plans

According to a survey taken by the U.S. Travel Association, 47% of participants said they would travel by car for a vacation after COVID-19 passes. And 42% said they would travel somewhere close to home, with 54% also saying they would travel within the U.S. Digital billboards are a perfect way to reach travelers with relevant messaging on their road trips this summer.

Relaunch & Realign Your Media Plan

Real-time insights into travel activity are available now. Geopath’s Real-Time Travel Activity Dashboard captures distance traveled and changing trends in movement by market, updated daily. We encourage your teams to use a data-driven approach to reach your target audiences across the nation and tailor creative messaging appropriately to the current landscape in each market.

“What’s important in this pandemic is for brands to be nimble, get the message out at the right time more than ever. And digital, big billboards really provide an opportunity to update content basically on the fly.”

- Anna Bager, President & CEO, OAAA