Leveraging Data and AI to Drive Sales Through Personalized Marketing with Kay Vizon | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In Episode 9 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes Kay Vizon, Director at  Kroger Integrated Media to discuss Kroger’s media strategy and how to utilize technology to create efficiencies and drive sales. 

The episode begins with Kay discussing how she discovered her passion for advertising which ultimately led to her current position at Kroger. She explains how she transitioned from the agency side to truly understand the brand and help drive business outcomes and KPIs. She has spent the past 20 years learning, growing, and supporting the company’s efforts to reach consumers when and where they are most likely to be. 

Ian and Kay discuss the steps Kroger has taken to continuously evolve and optimize their media mix using data and technology. According to Kay, Kroger has developed a people-based media strategy with Dentsu to create the best approach for reaching a particular audience. Kay believes creating relevant messaging and combining multiple assets is very important when trying to reach an intended audience. 

As the episode progresses, Kay and Ian discuss the evolution of media and the hundreds of creative assets that now exist across a multitude of channels. Kay shares her views on the importance of leveraging technology to create efficiencies and develop an abundance of assets to optimize reach. She believes that the industry is challenged with upscaling and staying knowledgeable and that advertisers must now consider each platform and understand how creative is displayed and portrayed to keep consumers engaged. 

Lastly, Ian and Kay unpack Kroger’s fun and inclusive characters featured in the company’s creative – the Krojis – used to portray a message of “fresh food for all.” Kay explains how they use AI  to generate hundreds of creative assets to create efficiencies for personalized marketing at scale. The episode concludes with Kay offering predictions as to how Chat GPT and AI will influence and impact the grocery store’s marketing efforts.

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