Challenging Industry Growth & Value with John F. Laramie | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In episode 12 of this season's Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes John Laramie, CEO of Project X, to discuss how his company has helped to advance the use of technology in the Out of Home (OOH) industry.

Before John became passionate about OOH technology, he crafted a unique career in Ping-Pong. Ian and John discuss his not-so-hidden talent and how he helped revitalize the sport in NYC. In addition to mastering ping-pong, John also spend time earlier in his career working in brand licensing. 

John didn’t begin his career in OOH, but took interest in it quickly. As he learned more about the industry, he recognized how challenging it was to build a campaign across media owners. He set out to solve these issues and help the industry better reach its full potential by starting ADstruc, a workflow automation software for OOH advertising. Ian and John review the many struggles he faced developing, launching, and garnering adoption of the platform.

After years of effort trying to explain the immense benefits of ADstruc, John decided to take a new approach with the creation of Project X. He tells Ian about how he started the OOH technology platform and the backlash he faced. 

Finally, Ian and John discuss the general importance of valuing OOH inventory and some of the struggles the industry is still facing in this area. They discuss the future, with John sharing his thoughts on what the industry needs to do to continue developing and growing.

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