Happy Holidays 2023 | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In the season finale of Digital & Dirt Podcast's Season 5, Ian sits down with Lamar's Programmatic team members, Alex Marek and Faith Nettles, to reflect on the year and answer some holiday questions.

This episode covers:

  • The team's observations on industry trends throughout the year.
  • A rundown of Lamar's accomplishments in 2023 and their forward-looking goals for 2024.
  • Ian provides a comparison of the team's dynamics to a holiday movie.
  • The team discusses their imaginative concept of an ideal virtual reality  winter wonderland.
  • Run through rapid fire holiday questions! 

A big thank you to our amazing guests for sharing their insights and stories, and to our awesome listeners, your support has helped us reach a milestone of over 26 thousand downloads. Happy holidays to each of you and stay tuned for season 6!