DOOH is No Dad Joke | Father's Day Tips & Case Study

Father, Dad, Daddy, Papa, whatever you call him, his day is coming up soon! In a little less than a month, the country will be celebrating Father’s Day and all the festivities that come along with it. Cookouts, fishing trips, sports you know name it!

Have you thought about how you’re going to celebrate Father’s Day? Probably not. That’s why right now is the perfect time to influence consumers Father’s Day purchases with Digital Out of Home (DOOH).

People have been cooped up inside their houses for the past year with few activities to do and excessive amounts of screen time. Prior to the pandemic consumers were experiencing screen fatigue and banner blindness, meaning digital ads on personal devices were getting tuned out. But now it has been amplified! DOOH alone or added to an existing campaign can help increases brand awareness and increase purchase intent. Lamar DOOH is not affected by screen fatigue and with people back on the roads, it is more effective than ever. Check out the case study below to learn more!

Father’s Day is a day for activities and the country is ready to be active! People want to do things that they haven’t necessarily been able to do in the past year. Leading up to Father’s Day is a prime time to advertise for sporting goods, outdoor cooking supplies, camping supplies, fishing gear, activity rentals, and all things Dad. We live in an impulse buy society, so advertising is super important in order to create purchase desire in consumers. And since consumers are tuning out ads on personal devices, the best way to reach them is with DOOH.

To learn more about how to utilize DOOH for Father’s Day please contact us!