Lamar's Programmatic Educational Series | Part 2: FAQs and Client Success

Lamar's Programmatic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) network allows brands to effectively engage intended audiences. When planning a programmatic approach, it is important to understand how Lamar can add value to any digital campaign. In this blog, we will dive into a few of the frequently asked questions to provide a better understanding as to why brands should use Lamar’s DOOH inventory and what our team works to deliver. 

  • What differentiates Lamar’s media offerings from other DOOH media?

With coverage across nearly all U.S. markets, Lamar’s roadside digital billboards are the largest unavoidable screens in the DOOH space, enabling brands to reach audiences at scale throughout the consumer journey and where other media channels are not available. Lamar DOOH is also brand-safe and unaffected by issues related to viewability, ad blocking, ad clutter, cord-cutting, and guaranteed commitments. 

  • What forms of targeting can be layered on Lamar Media buys? 

Geo-targeting can always be layered on any Lamar programmatic campaign. First or 3rd party demographic, behavioral, purchase data, census, point of interest (POI), and movement data can be used to build and target audiences in the physical world. Lamar offers on-demand promotional networks and has the ability to create any custom network to help brands reach consumers within a specific radius of a desired POI. 

  • Is retargeting supported via DOOH? 

Devices exposed to DOOH media can be shared through a device ID passback which can then be used to retarget consumers across other media channels, such as mobile, CTV, or for in-house attribution. By leveraging programmatic technology and collected data, brands can increase engagement to bridge the gap between offline and online journeys.

To read more of our frequently asked questions, download our Programmatic DOOH FAQs one sheet below!

                                                Programmatic DOOH FAQs

Lamar’s Programmatic team works hard to provide the best service to our clients. From speedy same-day creative approval to PMP campaign monitoring, we are committed to delivering top-notch client experiences. With no minimum spend, Lamar Programmatic can activate your DOOH campaign and provide Webcam POPs and Mock-Ups.

Lamar offers multiple venue types including billboard, transit, and urban panels, reaching nearly all markets nationwide. Our wide-scale inventory generates more than 5 billion weekly impressions, helping brands reach consumers along the path to purchase. 

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