Exploring Creative Copywriting and Sustainability Initiatives with Laylah Funk | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In Episode 7 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes Laylah Funk, Copywriter at Adore Me, to discuss creative copy, product inclusivity, and sustainability in retail. 

Laylah has loved reading for as long as she can remember, yet she never imagined that her English minor and writing skills would play a role in her career. Laylah started her career in Technology Risk Management but during the pandemic, she made the decision to follow her passion and transitioned into a copywriting role at Adore Me. Ian and Laylah dive into what prompted her job change and how it ultimately impacted her career. 

Adore Me grew into the first major online player in lingerie, as well as the first to introduce inclusive sizing in the category. Laylah explains how they were able to leverage a gap in the market with their mission to provide sustainable fashion for everyone. 

Ian and Laylah discuss the measures that Adore Me has taken since 2019 to understand the company’s energy use, shipping processes, waste reduction, and more. Laylah notes that Adore Me is a certified BCorp company and partnered with suppliers to launch the GAME program to ensure their future goals align with their desired environmental and social impacts. 

Lastly, Ian and Laylah explore the influencer culture and the role that it plays at Adore Me. Laylah expresses concern that as influencers become more popular, it may cause viewers to lose trust in their reviews. Adore Me created a platform where anyone can sign up to be an influencer helping build their personal brand and providing viewers assurance of the influencer’s actual feelings about the product. 

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