Elevate Your Holiday Campaigns: Leverage Top Trends Using Lamar's Dynamic DOOH Inventory

The holiday season is just around the corner. As brands gear up to spread cheer and connect with their audiences during this critical time of year for retail sales, Lamar Advertising's Digital Out of Home (DOOH) inventory offers a captivating platform that can elevate holiday campaigns to new heights, helping brands standing out in the clutter of festive promotions with impactful content displayed on digital billboards. 

In this blog, we will explore how brands can leverage Lamar’s DOOH inventory for substantial outcomes. 

Embrace the Festive Spirit

Holidays are a time of celebration and joy. Lamar's DOOH inventory enables brands to infuse that festive spirit into campaigns with visually stunning and heartwarming content. Whether you are showcasing products in a cozy winter setting or spreading messages of goodwill, digital billboards offer the perfect canvas that evoke emotions and connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Real-Time Engagement

In the digital age, real-time engagement is the key to a successful campaign. Lamar's DOOH inventory is equipped with advanced technology that enables dynamic content updates. You can tailor your messages to display current promotions, countdowns, or nearest retail locations. This real-time interaction ensures your campaign remains relevant and captivating throughout the holiday season.

Brand Stories of Inclusivity

Advertisers are eager to craft holiday campaigns that align with themes of inclusivity and connect with audiences on a personal level to foster a greater sense of unity. A food brand could showcase festive dishes from different cultures, for example, while a clothing brand might present diverse families donning their holiday apparel. Lamar’s DOOH network offers the ability for brands to bring their stories of inclusivity to light.  

Holiday Trends & Promotional Networks

Lamar's diverse and dynamic DOOH inventory provides a perfect opportunity for brands to seamlessly leverage trends and create captivating and resonant holiday messages that stand out and maximize engagement. Lamar offers promotional networks that can more effectively reach consumers within a specific radius of a desired point-of-interest (POI), such as big events, physical locations, or point-of-purchase destinations. 

Beauty Trends 

Lamar's high-impact digital screens can showcase beauty products as well as shimmering, bold looks in stunning detail, capturing the attention of consumers seeking festive makeovers or stocking stuffers. The quality of the screens allow viewers to appreciate the intricate details of makeup, like 'Natural Makeup’' or bold lip statements. Beauty Networks can be custom-built to target specific stores offering beauty products. 

Adult Beverage Trends

For consumer looking to raise a toast to the season, Lamar's DOOH screens, strategically placed in high-traffic areas, provide an ideal platform to showcase mouthwatering and enticing visuals of beverages like espresso martinis and classic cocktail flavors. With the help of a Lamar custom networks, brands can target and reach audiences within a specific radius of the nearest location where a specific beverage is sold. The dynamic and eye-catching displays make for an unforgettable impression, aligning seamlessly with the joyous celebrations.

Lamar's dynamic DOOH inventory enables brands to create campaigns that establish a meaningful connection with audiences, drive engagement, inspire holiday joy, and capture the essence of the season. Lamar DOOH networks can be customized to any advertisers’ unique needs. Targeting parameters, markets, and distances can all be adjusted in a custom PMP. If you have a network or targeting requirement in mind for a specific client, we are happy to explore coverage opportunities that fit those needs. 

Embrace the magic of Lamar's DOOH inventory and make this holiday season your most memorable one yet. Contact us today at programmatic@lamar.com to discuss how Lamar can help you light up the holidays with brilliance and creativity.