Unlocking Brilliance about Personal Branding and Likeability with Dr. Tommy Karam | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In Episode 13 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes Dr. Tommy Karam, Distinguished Instructor at Louisiana State University (LSU), to discuss the impact of likeability on personal branding. Dr. Karam has an extensive background in developing and teaching principles of marketing, sports marketing, personal branding, and negotiations.

At LSU, Dr. Karam's unique expertise has had a positive impact on business majors, non-business majors, and athletes alike. In today's digital age, the significance of creating a personal brand cannot be overstated. It is a skill that cannot be learned from textbooks. Dr. Karam provides students with valuable life lessons, enabling them to understand the importance of consistently presenting their authentic selves to the world.

Dr. Karam’s journey began when Shaquille O'Neal entered his office over 30 years ago struggling with a stutter. Karam assumed the role of “mentor,” conducting practice interviews and providing valuable feedback to help Shaq communicate more effectively during interviews. Shaq overcame his stutter and, presently, stands as one the most renowned and impeccably branded athletes in the world. 

Dr. Karam has since been involved in shaping the personal brands of numerous athletes and contributing to their success and shares stories of working with stars such as NFL stars Joe Burrow and Leonard Fournette and LSU gymnast and influencer, Livvy Dunne., He explains how, in each case, personal likability plays a crucial role in building a strong personal brand.

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