How Digital OOH Strengthens the Omnichannel Approach | 4A’s Webinar

Last week, Lamar’s Ian Dallimore sat down with Natrian Maxwell, The Trade Desk’s GM of Emerging Channels, to discuss the transformation of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) in a webinar hosted by the 4A’s, Ashwini Karandikar. Watch the full webinar below or click here to stream on demand and browse other webinar’s available through the 4A’s.

In this webinar, Ian and Natrian discuss how DOOH has transformed and rapidly grown as a medium, offering flexibility, omnichannel capabilities, and becoming a powerful extension of other formats. They explain how the modern capabilities of DOOH, including programmatic, empower smaller brands to use OOH in ways that, in the past, were typically only available to large brands.

Ian and Natrian also spend time explaining the differences, as it relates to privacy, between using data for targeted ad campaigns and tracking consumers and discuss the planning and buying process, which has adapted to fit within the ecosystem of other digital mediums.

Lastly, they discuss why DOOH remains uniquely highly favorable among consumers, as compared to other digital media formats because OOH ads feel more natural and are less invasive. Because of this and the topics discussed prior, Ian and Natrian agree that DOOH will continue to grow as medium, earning a bigger portion of dollars within brand media mixes.

To learn more about the 4A's, click here to visit their website. To learn more about Natrian Maxwell, click here to listen to his episode on Lamar's Digital and Dirt podcast.