How Digital OOH Strengthens the Omnichannel Approach | 4A’s Webinar

Last week Lamar’s Ian Dallimore sat down with Natrian Maxwell, The Trade Desk’s GM of Emerging Channels, to discuss the transformation of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) in a webinar hosted by 4A’s Ashwini Karandikar. Watch the full webinar below or click here to stream on demand and be able to browse other webinar’s available through 4A’s.

In this webinar, Ian and Natrian discuss how DOOH has transformed as a medium. The flexibility and omnichannel capabilities of DOOH allows the medium to become a powerful extension of other formats and has led to rapid industry growth. The men explain how the modern capabilities of DOOH including programmatic, empowers smaller brands to use OOH in ways that were only utilized by large brands in the past.

Ian and Natrian also spend time explaining the privacy differences between utilizing data for targeted ad campaigns and tracking consumers. The planning & buying of DOOH has adapted to fit within the ecosystem of other accessible digital mediums. From brief to buy, Ian and Natrian walk through the buying process of DOOH.

Lastly, they discuss one of the most unique components obtained by DOOH in comparison to other digital media formats. While DOOH adds to the omnichannel experience, it remains highly favorable by consumers because it still feels like advertising. DOOH can use a data drive approach, but the ads feel like a natural component rather than an invasive one. Because of this and all the topics discussed prior, DOOH will remain a growing medium and should be earning a bigger portion of brands media mixes.

To learn more about the 4A's click here to visit their website, and to learn more about Natrian Maxwell click here to listen to his episode on Lamar's Digital & Dirt podcast.