Cultivating Curiosity: Uncovering Strategy Insights with Mani Schlisser | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In episode 9 of this season’s Digital and Dirt Podcast, Ian welcomes Mani Schlisser, Connections Planning Director at Ogilvy NY, a global advertising and marketing agency known for its creative and strategic services.

In this week’s podcast episode Ian and Mani discuss: 

  • The importance of asking "why": The significance of asking critical questions and seeking to understand the deeper reasons behind decisions and actions.
  • The process of developing a breakthrough advertising strategy, including the importance of understanding the client's business challenge, creating a creative brief, and finding a core insight that drives creative thinking.
  • The complexities of the modern media landscape, with a focus on the rapid changes in technology and media channels, and the need for advertisers and strategists to stay educated, curious, and open to understanding how real people engage with various forms of media.
  • The discussion about the changing preferences of younger generations, who have grown up with digital technology and social media but are becoming more interested in real-world experiences, like traveling and attending in-person events. 
  • The significance of out-of-home advertising (OOH) and its effectiveness in marketing campaigns. The conversation highlights the creative challenges and opportunities of OOH advertising, its ability to reach audiences in a non-skippable and memorable way, and the importance of incorporating it into a comprehensive media strategy alongside other channels like television and digital advertising.

To learn more about Mani Schlisser and Ogilvy NY, be sure to tune in to the full episode, now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other popular platforms!

Links mentioned in the episode: 

  • 5 years ago, Mani wrote an article where he compared Elon Musk to Tony Stark and Jordan Belfort. His article went viral including Elon himself responding to the piece. Check out the article here