Navigating Fragmented Brand Marketing in the Digital Age with Catherine Schenquermen | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In Episode 11 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes Catherine Schenquerman to discuss the challenges of navigating the fragmentation of brand marketing and media in today's advertising landscape. Schenquerman explains how GoPuff approaches marketing in the digital age and how the past can inform the future of advertising.

Catherine Schenquerman is a lover of the creative process and a brand marketer through and through. She is fascinated by the history of advertising and how older marketing tactics become mainstream again. Catherine loves to overthink and rationalize campaigns, with a focus on positioning, creative work, and how brands are launching in meaningful ways.

Currently, Catherine is a Strategic Advisor at GoPuff, a quick-commerce company that delivers almost anything in 30 minutes or less. For the past two years, she has been working to build a brand by seamlessly integrating a top-down and down-up strategy. Her career journey began at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, where she worked on the TRUTH Smoke Campaign. From Crispin, she moved to JetBlue where, over the course of five years, she learned how to build a great brand from the inside out.

Ian and Catherine discuss how her forward-thinking mentality, as well as attending night school for three years to learn digital marketing while at Carnival Cruise Lines, has benefited her career. The conversation also touches on the importance of storytelling in brand building, with Catherine stressing that marketers need to understand their audiences and connect with them on a human level.

Overall, the episode provides valuable insights for anyone looking to improve their brand marketing strategies in a constantly evolving media landscape. To learn more about Catherine Schenquerman, listen to the full Digital and Dirt episode available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, and other podcast platforms!